CHWC Thursday by Michael, Lily, and Dylan

For CHWC I had worked in a preschool and had to move and build tables. While I was building tables, the other people in our group were painting a mural for the kids’ playgroup. On Wednesday we had finished the mural, so on the last day we got play with the three- and four-year-olds. When we reached the preschool on Thursday, we greeted by radiant teachers, students, and adults at the preschool where they surrounded the mural, thanking us for our help for brightening their playground. For most of the day, me and my group had been playing with the kids. While hanging with the kids we were talking to them, they kept on saying that they love the flowers, insects, and the sun on our mural. When they were talking to us, they said it with joy and happiness that rubbed off on all our group. When we all said our goodbyes to the kids, I felt inspired to help more people to get the feeling of joy that came off them.


This past week at CHWC I have been working at a food pantry. On the first day before we got to work, the owner of the pantry (Carlos) told us how he had started a small program where families could go and get food. He said he started off with serving about 70 families a month and now serves over 7,000. Carlos has inspired me to be more radiant and show up every day with a smile on my face. All week we sorted and cleaned a basement full of donated clothes and toys and worked on a garden. Our job was to organize all the bins full of clothes and sort out the trash. For the garden, we weeded and cut down bushes. On the last day Carlos came out to the garden and was so excited about how it turned out, and same with the basement. Seeing how happy and excited he looked after such simple tasks has made me want to spread as much radiance as I can.


At program on Thursday, all the work teams invited their residents to a fun night of prayer, music, lip singing, and light party with glow sticks. It truly was radiant. Haha. The night started off with the residents thanking their work teams. Unfortunately my team’s resident could not make it. So I just sat in the back with my new friend Emily. After all the thanks and stuff, we had an intermission and I would say a good amount of residents left. So then we had the lip singing battle. It was pretty funny. After all the songs we sang a few songs with Dana the singer. Then was the light party “Radiant Fiesta”. Me and my friend Jack were fooling around and I was trying to hang near Emily because she was cool. After the whole program we went to the basement and had our group meeting. We talked about some deep stuff and we shared who we thought helped us this week. Laura said me because when she asked me to go pray closer to the Eucharist during Adoration to pray with her. After I went up with her, a lot of kids came up, so she said I was like a leader.


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