CHWC Wednesday by Sebastian, Sophia, and Garrett

This week, specifically Wednesday I felt that the people in my group including myself opened up more and were more willing to get to know each other. Our work site at a school doing painting projects. After spending lots of time with new people in a room painting, you get to learn a lot about them.  I and many others made lots of new friends this week and are to carry out our friendship and service to God after CHWC.  I saw God through my group mates being open and interested in progressing in their faith and carrying out God’s work through the week; I’m more interested now in growing my faith after working with these amazing people.


This week of camp I have been working at a school where my group and another have been working on painting stairs in the building. Today we added a second coat to the work that was already done and started to get more comfortable as a group. This work has shown how the work that we are doing to radiate God’s love makes the people we are working for become more radiant. The people we work for welcome us with a smile every day because of how grateful they are of the work we are doing to make their school look better. Similarly, the stairs that we are painting were at first dull and chipped, but after just a little time and effort, the stairs look much more radiant and new.


Wednesday night all of CHWC attended a program focused on reflection and prayer. The larger activity was called “Four Corners,” and it was a powerful experience for everybody involved. The room was split into four stations labeled reflection, faith, peace, and reconciliation. Personally, I got the most out of the reconciliation and reflection stations. I attended a Confession with a priest who has said Masses in the morning for us all week. It was great to get things off of my chest and express challenges in my life where I didn’t put God first. For reflection, I wrote a letter to God about myself. Similarly, it was nice to put my thoughts into words.


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