CHWC Tuesday by Finn, Jamie, and Connor

This morning at Mass about 15 minutes in I went up on stage to radiate God’s love through as a lector reading from the Book of Exodus.  I was nervous at first and was throughout the entire excerpt.  I realized once I got up on stage that what I was doing meant something to everyone in the room. This experience made me realize how important all of these things were to people and what it meant to them.  Starting the day with this experience was a great way to kick off a serious and efficient day of service.


At Catholic Heart Workcamp I am working in a group of six people, myself, and two adults. Three people in my group are from our parish. All six of us are working in a church, fixing and cleaning the church’s bathrooms. We have moved furniture, peeled off wallpaper, cut white edges of paint on the walls, and painted the walls with a paint roller. Doing all of this was a fun experience because I did not know well these three kids from our parish so it was nice to talk and serve with each other. I am enjoying getting to know and talking to the two adults as well because they are really fun. Doing all of this with my work members and helping out a church to radiate our love for God in a house of God is a really amazing and fun experience and I can’t wait for tomorrow to keep working.


My work group and I are working at a daycare. We are repainting the classrooms, which is taking some time to do, but we expect that we can conquer the challenge. We are also painting two offices, which we think will take a bit of work too. And, last of all, playing with the kids. Although I have not played with them yet, I have heard that they are fun. My work group and I are glad to be there helping out and are always kind, open-hearted, and wearing a smile. My favorite part of CHWC so far this week has been making new friends. I believe I have experienced God’s love radiating through the people I have been meeting and the connections I have been making.


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