CHWC Monday by Kylie, Devin, and Ryan

Day one of service. Great bus ride. I learned my bus buddy’s favorite fast food is Wendy’s. My work group was stationed at a preschool. Our assignment was to paint 2 classrooms, 2 offices, and help out a couple teachers. In one classroom, I read “Biscuit Goes To School.” The kids knew the story so well that when I skipped a page, they knew, and demanded that I flip the page back. Although I made a mistake, the kids were filled with joy because we were helping them.


During tonight’s program, I discovered a piece of me that I didn’t know I had. I learned more about my relationship with God and service. The theme of CHWC is “Radiant”. This means that we show God’s love through our joy. I had a fun time singing with my fellow campers. After program, the boys made a circle, and we discussed certain qualities that we can improve on. I got to learn a lot about my fellow Christians at Good Shepherd Parish.


During today’s service, I had a good time helping move furniture from classrooms because I knew my service was important to this school. I had the most fun playing with preschoolers. I played with dominoes and blocks with the kids and had a really fun time. The book I read was called: “The Turtle Song.” I experienced the theme of “Radiant” while playing with the kids today because as I was playing with them I could feel and sense their joy and they could feel mine.


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