Just5Days Thursday by Sam

1. What do you think it means to be a peacemaker?

We think that being a peace maker means to build and to mend relationships. We also think that a peacemaker is a person who spreads joy.  

2. What is challenging about practicing peace?

We think that the most challenging part of being a peacemaker is having to not strike back if you have been insulted or hurt by someone.

3. Why do you think Jesus calls peacemakers the “children of God”?

We think that Jesus means as children we are more prone to being peacemakers because it is our first feeling as a child.

4. How is your service this week building bridges for greater peace?

We felt that when we talked to the veterans and when we would move them from place to place we made friendships with many of them.

5. What can you personally do to be a better peacemaker?

 Some of the ideas we shared in our group were watching our words, being more respectful, and trying to form better relationships.

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