Just5Days Wednesday by Bella and Zia

1. What are you discovering about the people or organization at which you are serving?

The staff that care for the veterans are happy because they care for people all day and put their needs before their own. The veterans like to talk about other people’s lives and care less about their own.

2. What are you learning about being a merciful person through your service work?

It’s hard to talk to the veterans but with patience you can. We communicate with facial expressions and smiles. We also learned to do stuff we don’t usually want to do but we bear through because it’s the right thing to do.

3. Who are the people in our world that are most in need of God’s mercy?

The homeless people and refugees need mercy because they have limited resources. The imprisoned and people who sin also need mercy to get into the Kingdom of God.

4. Why do you think Jesus says those who show mercy will receive mercy?

Some people do kindness out of the goodness of their heart and they should be rewarded. We should extend God’s mercy by showing mercy to other people.


Feed the Hungry: serve at a soup kitchen, give your extra food to people that need it

Give Drink to the Thirsty: pass out water on busy streets, offer water to the police and construction workers

Clothe the Naked: giving away your old clothes and donate them, buy clothes to donate

Shelter the Homeless: donate to shelter that home the poor

Visit the Sick: send card and flower to people and their families who are sick, make a meal for a family with a sick member

Visit the Imprisoned: donate Bibles to prisons, give advice and talk to the prisoner

Bury the Dead: attend funerals, visit the families with passed member

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