Just5Days Tuesday by Cat and Gio

1. Describe the best part of your service work today

The best part of our service work today was playing a ball game with all of the veterans. We passed a beach ball back and forth with the residents in the memory care unit.

2. What was challenging about your service work today?

One thing that our group found very challenging was starting conversations with the veterans. It really made us step out of our comfort zone.

3. Describe any examples of humility you witnessed today at your service site.

Something that we witnessed today was when we were serving lunch to the vets and we gave them all clothing protectors. One of the residents gave another man his clothing protector and said, “Here, take mine first.” Another example of humility we witnessed was when we were having conversations with the veterans they were asking about us before they started talking about themselves.

4. Why do you think Jesus said: “Blessed are those who are humble for they will inherit the earth”?

We believe that Jesus said this because he always puts others before himself. Jesus served other people; this made them happy. We learned that it is important to be grateful for the things we have because there are many people that are less fortunate that us. Humility helps us share with others.

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