Just5Days Monday by Kyra and Shane

1. What are you excited about for this week?

Everyone was most excited about meeting new people, helping people, hearing their stories, and experiencing the retired soldiers home.

2. What are you hoping to learn about yourself during Just5Days?

A lot of people were hoping to bond with other, learn through helping others, be kinds towards each other, and creating new relationships.

3. What special gifts or talents do you have that might help us with our service tomorrow?

Tomorrow we are serving at a nursing home for veterans. Special gifts they brought was reading, positivity, card games, and stepping out of our comfort zone.

4. What will you miss the most from home this week?

A lot of people are going to miss their dogs and family. Some of them are also going to miss their fridges (because of all their favorite foods at home), and they are going to try to adapt to the different food here in Just5Days.

5. What are some hidden talents or things you are good at?

Some of the people in our group have interesting hobbies or hidden talents! Some of them are synesthesia, building computers, running, photography, baking, and different types of sports.

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