NPH Guatemala – Day 3 by Julia

We started off our wonderful 3rd day at NPH with an interesting but good breakfast.  It consisted of ham and thousand island dressing on a big roll, and a very yummy blueberry and raisin pastry, some liked breakfast today more than others… 

After that, we went to our work stations.  One group went to the garden, one group went to finish painting the classrooms, and lastly my group got to go to a different station today in the kitchen!  In the kitchen we started by looking at huge piles of beans and then picking out any suspicious looking beans (like rocks or coffee beans that accidentally got mixed in). To follow that chore, we then cleaned out a bunch of cabinets and reorganized them.  We then headed up to a sink where we cleaned out nearly 100 condensed milk bottles and then proceeded to stack them all, but we made the best of it and got to have fun chatting with each other. 

We then got our lunch, which today was a soup with vegetables and chicken, and obviously tortillas, and headed over to the girls’ homes to have lunch with them!

Spending time with the younger girls and making bracelets with them has definitely been one of my absolute favorite parts of this trip so far, so getting to have lunch with them was a lot of fun. 

We then headed over to casa three to hear a very inspirational story from one of the other volunteers from our group named Nikki, who spoke about her amazing experiences and all that came from them in her life.  We then were so surprised when we went to the courtyard and were shocked by the party they were throwing for all of the international volunteers.  They had cupcakes, and music, and dancing, and everyone was laughing and playing games and it was an awesome time to be with all of the kids and volunteers.  We ended our day by getting to drive over to the high school homes and eat dinner and hang out with them. 

It was another great day at NPH and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!  

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