My Youth Ministry Senior Internship with Laura by Grace

For the past six weeks, I have been able to be a part of a really cool program. Through my school, Natick High, we have a senior internship program where for the last quarter of your senior year you can go out into the workforce and intern with different companies to gain life experience. Along with different check-in projects along the way we had to work for at least one hundred hours.

For my internship, I got to be Laura’s intern here at Good Shepherd.

I had to come up with a project and I decided that I would work with Laura to come up with a sort of curriculum that myself or others could use in the future for Youth Ministry programs. In that curriculum, I wrote in the different logistics of the things we do at Good Shepherd through the main categories of “Prayer, Catechesis, and Service”. For each of the sections I wrote out a “Why, What, and How” to explain each further and give important descriptions along with different events that can be held to fit into these sections.

Along with all that I was also just helping out wherever I could. I went to many of the youth events, including the meetings for trips for Catholic Heart Work Camp, the middle school service trip called Just 5 Days, and the NPH Guatemala immersion trip. I also went to the weekly staff check-ins as well as the staff meeting, where I got to experience the behind the scenes of all of the different events and tasks that need to be planned out for anything to work. I also just stepped in where I could, helping at both Confirmation Masses, the K’Night of the Races, and all other little things around the office and church.

Overall it was a very fun and educational time for me.

I got to experience all of the aspects of what it takes to be a youth minister and also just what it is like to work in an office with others. I also got to collaborate with other Youth Ministers to get different input and gain different perspectives on Youth Ministry programs. I very much enjoyed my time that I got to spend at Good Shepherd and, since having this experience, it has allowed me to see potential in pursuing a career in something similar. It was an amazing opportunity and I am glad to have taken it.

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