Praise and Worship, and Me by Grace

I am grateful that I have been able to attend almost all of the Praise and Worship events that we have held at Good Shepherd. When Laura was trying to figure out if such an event could work she asked if I’d be interested in going to an Adoration service for teens held in Hingham by one of her youth minister friends. There we got the idea that Good Shepherd should try and do something similar to expose the youth of our parish to such a great atmosphere of prayer.

Adoration is a time of prayer in which one can pray right in front of the consecrated Eucharist. While we were in Hingham they had different songs and music being played during that time of prayer. When we brought this back to Wayland, Laura worked to have different musicians come in and lead us in worship songs to further help our praying. We would also occasionally have priest’s to hear confession because Adoration is a great time of reflection.

Although it started off with not many people going, the attendance of Praise and Worship drastically increased by the end of the year. It was amazing to see so many teens took advantage of the opportunity to go to an event like this.

Having the opportunity to have such an event definitely has had a huge impact on my life but also many of my church friends.

Getting to spend a Wednesday night all together in the presence of the Lord and being able to think about life has allowed for stronger relationships to form, not only our relationships with God but also with each other.

Having the ability to come before the Lord surrounded by others trying to take in that moment as well, allowed for true life growth in my relationship with God. I have discovered the importance of God in my life, and having the ability to go to praise and worship allows me to further strengthen and grow my faith journey.

For me, Adoration is not only a time where we can be still in our busy lives but also take a second to think and pray. In today’s society, it is easy to get caught up in everything that is going on and forget about the importance of faith in our lives.

Adoration has also helped to bring people together. Personally, I have invited non-Good Shepherd people to Adoration, and it was a great opportunity for evangelization and a way to bring people together in a worship environment. Adoration as a welcoming youth event has made this holy hour into something with great positive benefits in building a relationship with God and furthering our own stories.

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