How My Catholic Values Steer My Decision Making By Ryan

One of the most important things that I have been taught by my parents, and through religious education, is to use my moral compass. My moral compass is the tool that I use every time I am faced with a decision, tricky or not. The morals and values that I have learned through my Catholic faith remind me to “do unto others as I would like to have done to me”.

It makes me stop and think “what would Jesus do”? When I really stop and think about that question when facing a tough decision, I try to choose the right thing or the kind thing, because that is what Jesus would want.

The Ten Commandments were given by God as a way to guide our decisions in living our lives. The rules are pretty clear. They have to do with not hurting others, being honest, loving one another and respecting people. If only everyone could follow these rules there would be much less hate in the world. God wants everyone to be kind and spread peace throughout the world, even though in our day and age it is hard because of all of the terrorism in the world. When I see all the hate and crime it makes me feel sad because this is not in line with my Catholic values.

It can feel a little overwhelming to be just one person trying to do the right thing, community helps me to understand that together we are stronger. This gives me hope for peace in the world one day. 

On the flip side, even when I use my moral compass, I do not always make the right decisions. I make a lot of mistakes. I know that when I make mistakes I can seek forgiveness and try to do better. I know that I will be forgiven as long as I am truly sorry and learn from my mistakes. This is called grace, and I have counted on God’s grace many times throughout my life. 

As I finish high school, start college and prepare for my adult life, I know I will rely on my Catholic values in making tougher decisions as I get older. If I listen to my moral compass, hopefully it won’t steer me wrong. I am thankful for the Catholic values that have been taught to me and passed on to me through my faith.

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