Why I Chose St. Bonaventure For My Confirmation Name By Ryan

Saint Bonaventure is probably ​not the most common saint name chosen for Confirmation. I chose Bonaventure as my saint name for several reasons.

Bonaventure or “Buona ventura” means “good fortune” in English. I see the gift of my Faith through the sacrament of Confirmation as my good fortune. 

Bonaventure can also be directly translated to mean “good journey”. The journey toward my Confirmation day has been good. The two-year program, filled with classes, retreats, youth masses, Adoration, Penance and service opportunities has put me on a path toward living my Catholic faith and helping others. It has also really taught me how to pray.

Bonaventure (good journey) also has a literal meaning for me. I like to travel and explore the world. It is one of my passions and hobbies. I pray that I will always be protected and safe in my travels and journeys as I continue to explore the world. As for my Catholic faith, I hope my journey through the world will only make my faith grow stronger and deepen my connection to Jesus and God.

St. Bonaventure was someone who was always helping others. I hope that through my actions I can live my faith just like he did. 

I also chose Saint Bonaventure because I have a connection to St. Bonaventure University in Olean, New York which is both of my parents’ alma mater. This is very significant to me because they have a strong faith and feel connected to the Franciscan values of the University. It is also the alma mater of my aunt and my uncle. My Aunt Karen, who was my Mom’s sister and my Godmother, attended the University. Sadly, she passed away in 2013. I attended a Memorial Mass at St. Bonaventure University for my aunt and made a speech about her to the people in attendance. This helped strengthen my connection to St. Bonaventure. Also, my Uncle Jason, who is my Dad’s brother, attended the University. So our family roots run deep! 

I hope that by taking St. Bonaventure as my Confirmation name it shows who I am as a person.  

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