Why I Chose to be Confirmed by Ryan

I was very surprised when my parents left the decision of Confirmation up to me. I just assumed they would require me to receive the Sacrament, but they said that would be missing the whole point of the Sacrament. They explained that at my Baptism, they chose the Catholic religion for me, since I was a baby and couldn’t make those choices for myself. They wanted to pass on their Christian faith and values to me and my brother. But Confirmation would be my choice on whether or not I wanted to stand up as a young adult and choose the Catholic faith for myself. They would not decide for me or force me to do it.

It took me less than a minute to say yes, I wanted to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. But it was nice that I got to make that choice for myself. It helped me realize that Confirmation was a fork in the road for my faith – that I had to choose whether or not I wanted to continue in the faith that I had been taught. Once I convinced my parents that I was truly dedicated to the decision, my Mom reminded me that since I freely chose to receive the Sacrament, I was not allowed to complain about any of the classes or commitments required in the preparation. For the most part, I have held up my end of the bargain. 

There are many reasons that I chose to be Confirmed. First, I want to be a part of the Catholic Church and make my mark in the Church spiritually. I want to help out in the world I live in, whether it is the local food bank or an international mission trip. Another reason why I chose to be Confirmed is that I want to be on the same spiritual path as my parents.

My parents are the big driving force for my decision to be Confirmed. They have taught me how to pray and become more connected with God and Jesus. They taught me to be a good person and have faith in myself – and that no matter how difficult and upsetting things can get, never to lose my faith.

Confirmation represents a big moment in my life because it shows who I am on the inside and the ways in which I want to live my life. It makes my connection with the Church stronger and makes me want to be a good example to other people of Jesus’s kindness.  Even though the two-year preparation work was a long road, and sometimes difficult, I have no regrets in making the decision to be Confirmed in the Catholic Church. I have learned a lot about myself. I hope that I always stay involved and connected and one day raise my family in the same faith.

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