Called to Serve by Garrett

I feel that altar serving has had a profound impact on both my spiritual and personal life here at Good Shepherd Parish. After all, it has given me an amazing opportunity to meet new people within the church, but I also find that I understand the Mass better.

I used to rue the Sundays (or even occasionally Saturday afternoons) where I had to sit in the firm, wooden pews just to sit and listen to an hour long event that wasn’t necessarily entertaining. After Mass, my parents would always ask me about what I thought about the homily that was given that morning. I remember not being able to answer them, but instead I had to direct the conversation in another way.

Altar serving has given me a way to reflect in-depth on my spiritual experience.

For the first part, I was literally forced to listen. If I didn’t, I could easily miss my cue to do a certain job, or just look nascent on the padded, felt chairs. By being forced to listen, I was finally able to reflect. My favorite Gospel story is that of Luke, when Peter witnessed a miracle in the catching of a ton of fish. This is by far my favorite as it is adding on the point that you must follow your faith. Even more than that, Peter is called to trust his faith, and he ends up reaping the rewards. I ended up listening to this deep story as direct result from serving for the church. I believe my faith called me to serve, which didn’t just lead me to listen but also made better relationships for myself.

The first day that I altar served was a crazy one. Not only was it Easter, what my mom called the “Super Bowl” of church, but it was the first time I had put on that white robe. However, it was made way less stressful by the help of friends. A great thing about serving is that you are not just out there alone, but there is always a peer to help you out. This has led to me making far more great friends that I still keep today. Also, I have met countless adults and leaders here at Good Shepherd that I could not of met anywhere else. And for that, I am very grateful.

To conclude, I would just like to say how much I truly enjoy altar serving. I don’t just do it for the friends or even to listen in church, however, I do it because I enjoy it. Trust me, I do not like to waste my time with things I do not like to do. With that in mind, I encourage everybody reading this to spread the word on this great opportunity.

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